Awkward Guy

by Franco Bertucci, hand-drawn illustrations by Erwin Dence

Short poems for the thoughtful person who has a family,
a sense of humor, and not much time to read poetry or listen to jazz.

Most of the poems were written during a time when I didn’t have time to write songs.
I was too busy building our house and figuring out how to be married. I think some of the
compositions barely count as poetry, but are simply brief notes about the basics of life:

Love, children, joy, pain, suffering, plastic toy goats, beavers, pop music, mini-mart coffee etc.

Jazz Mosquito
seems to be the most popular so far.

This is a good one too:
My Favorite Thing to Step On

I found that I could write a short poem in very little time and feel that I had done
something creative. I did not tell anyone about these awkward creations, at first,
but some friends stumbled upon them and told me they liked them.

They are to blame for this book, I think.

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Or, send me $11 and I’ll mail you a book myself,
complete with a custom poem written inside the cover:

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Franco Bertucci

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