Jazz Mosquito

Jazz belongs in the city
where the light is dim
and the background noisy
and life a bit more confusing.
Where being smart is a sport.

Jazz is good when you want to think,
but not about something.
When you want to feel
aloof and to wallow, both at once.

Jazz bespeaks balance
and being very good,
knowing it and caring.
It never states the obvious,
is wary of making statements at all,
is rich and wandering
and self-indulgent. Jazz is exhausting.
But, each note is a charming surprise
if you are one of the few
who can follow them.

One can dig it, one can
learn to breathe the stuff.
But there are places it can never go.
There are beautiful places
away from the city
where you don't hear jazz,
and if you do, you want to swat it.

Franco Bertucci

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