Awkward Guy

poems and other embarrassing things by Franco Bertucci | illustrations by Erwin Dence

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Substitute Teacher Sweater

Do Not Kill Time

Morning Philosophy

The Shiny Spot

No More Unwinding

Time Will Be Spent

Engine Sorcery

Ten Years Better

Better Think Eight More Times

A Tiny Inkling

Happiness Drugs


Breaker of Men

I'm Not Poopy

What I Should Be Doing

The Shiny Spot

Why Did God Make Mosquitoes?

My Wife Hit Me

Stuffed Cheetah

Jazz Mosquito

I Could If

Nothing Messes Up an Artist

Guardian Tower Angels

I Want Something

The Rooster

Sun Day

Why Hurricanes Were Named After Women

My Favorite Thing to Step On

Order Out the Window

A New Mess

Go to the Ocean

Birds of the Air

To Catch A Mole

Mangia Mangia

Obvious Secret Knowledge

Godless Poets

Bad Beavers

I Want To Waste Time

Not By Request

She Fights With Her Sweater

Can't Waste A Handsome Face

If You Know Chickens

Reckless Typewriting

The Un-Strange Thing

Drunk People Dancing

Death To The Machine

Worried About Someone

I Have Made You Lopsided

Stealth In The Morning

The Color Dreary

Suffering For a Woman

Proper Goodbyes

Free Range Eggs

Let's Break Our Brains Thinking About Time

Mini Mart

Guilty Catholic

Girl Trouble

To-Do List March 29, 2011

You Look Good In The Snow

Spirited To Bed


Belittled Somehow

Sleep Reading

You Don't Know When You're Good

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