Awkward Guy

poems and other embarrassing things by Franco Bertucci | illustrations by Erwin Dence

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These Things Are Good

Substitute Teacher Sweater

Do Not Kill Time

Morning Philosophy

The Shiny Spot

No More Unwinding

Time Will Be Spent

Engine Sorcery

Ten Years Better

Better Think Eight More Times

A Tiny Inkling

Happiness Drugs


Breaker of Men

I'm Not Poopy

What I Should Be Doing

The Shiny Spot

Why Did God Make Mosquitoes?

My Wife Hit Me

Stuffed Cheetah

Jazz Mosquito

I Could If

Nothing Messes Up an Artist

Guardian Tower Angels

I Want Something

The Rooster

Sun Day

Why Hurricanes Were Named After Women

My Favorite Thing to Step On

Order Out the Window

A New Mess

Go to the Ocean

Birds of the Air

To Catch A Mole

Mangia Mangia

Obvious Secret Knowledge

Godless Poets

Bad Beavers

I Want To Waste Time

Not By Request

She Fights With Her Sweater

Can't Waste A Handsome Face

If You Know Chickens

Reckless Typewriting

The Un-Strange Thing

Drunk People Dancing

Death To The Machine

Worried About Someone

I Have Made You Lopsided

Stealth In The Morning

The Color Dreary

Suffering For a Woman

Proper Goodbyes

Free Range Eggs

Let's Break Our Brains Thinking About Time

Mini Mart

Guilty Catholic

Girl Trouble

To-Do List March 29, 2011

You Look Good In The Snow

Spirited To Bed


Belittled Somehow

Sleep Reading

You Don't Know When You're Good

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