Franco's Sheet Music and Recordings

Here is Sun - Recording
Some pretty guitar music I made.

Cool Tune With Birds - Recording
A little guitar tune I made up and recorded in my studio, with the door open.
What a life I lead.

Canon in G - Sheet Music | Recording
Main theme of Pachelbel's Canon arranged for beginning to intermediate guitar, in three parts

Moonlight Sonata - Sheet Music | Recording
Beethoven's classic for beginning to intermediate guitar, in three parts

Dow Now (Not Exactly Blues) - Sheet Music | Recording
A groovy little guitar tune I wrote for beginners. It sounds cool and is fairly easy to play.

Am Yisrael Chai - Sheet Music | Recording of my Quilcene guitar class rehearsing the tune.
A catchy klezmer tune for beginning guitar.

Ode to Joy - Sheet Music
My guitar students often begin with this song by Beethoven.

The Banshee - Sheet Music | Recording
The first Irish Reel I ever learned. It is easy to play on the guitar because it uses open strings. - Buy the Book - Poems - Sheet Music - Recordings - - 2017