Why Did God Make Mosquitoes?

asks my five-year-old son,

and hurting a little,
like all of us.

I don't know,
but I think
and wonder
about this
and other like questions
a lot, my son,
like you, my son.
And I think
God didn't make mosquitoes
as we know the buggers.
He made delicate,
flying insects with little stripes
that lived off the nectar
of a certain flower
that grew in the garden of Eden.

And those mosquitoes which still live
in the garden of Eden
(wherever it's hidden)
still drink that nectar but some
were wooshed outside
when the gates were closed
on Adam and Eve.

And these mosquitoes
could no longer find
that certain nectar
from the special flower
and so suffered
and so took
to biting Adam and Eve.
And the descendants
of those mosquitoes
have been biting us
in the same tradition
ever since.

Now all mosquitoes live (briefly)
and so do we,
with the hope
that, someday, the gates of Eden
will be opened again,
they will find that certain nectar,
and among other good things
we'll all be glad of
on that day,
mosquitoes won't have to bite people
any longer.

Franco Bertucci

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