You Don't Know When You're Good

You don't know when you're good
or why people love you.
But I do.
So have fun
and leave the editing to me.
I will cut out the bad.

You won't be able to see it
but to me and everyone else
it will be obvious.
I will do my hacking when you're not looking.

Don't try to be good
or to guess what I am going to like.
Because I don't know till I see it-
and you won't know even then.

If I had a self-forgetfulness pill
I would give it to you.
Actually, I do have one
but it has the side-effect
of making you drunk.

It won't do
to make a habit of that
on a project like this-
but we might use it in a pinch.

Franco Bertucci

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